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Summer is calling…

And it’s saying you can get your first month with LeisureSK for just £10!

Whether you enjoy swimming, working out in the gym, or taking part in fitness classes, our all-inclusive memberships give you access to a wealth of options to keep active.

Sign up now and unlock access to our membership perks.

Why Join LeisureSK?

Our memberships include much more than your average chain gym, you’ll be joining a supportive community and have access to a range of activities.

Our aim is to help you to create new, healthier habits, leading to a healthier lifestyle overall. The benefits of regularly exercising include:

Sleep better.
Boost your confidence.
Build your strength.
Lose weight.
Meet new friends.
Improve your mood.
Clear your head.
Challenge yourself.
Achieve new goals.

Make this summer the start of feeling like your best self.  Don’t wait, sign up today and begin your fitness journey with the support of LeisureSK.


Swimming is widely regarded as an excellent form of exercise which is accessible to people of all ages and fitness levels, as well as an important life skill. It provides a full-body workout, engaging nearly all major muscle groups and offering significant cardiovascular benefits. The range of motion required for swimming strokes also enhances flexibility and maintains joint health. Mentally, the rhythmic nature of swimming can be meditative, reducing stress and anxiety, while the release of endorphins improves mood.

The variety in swimming, from leisurely laps to competitive training and water aerobics, keeps the exercise routine enjoyable and engaging, combining physical, mental, and emotional benefits into a comprehensive fitness activity.

Your LeisureSK membership will give you access to our three fantastic pools! Whether you’re seeking family-friendly splash sessions or challenging inflatable fun, we’ve got something for everyone.


Much like swimming, the benefits of the gym for your mental and physical health are immense! But it also provides you with the unique opportunity to tailor your workout to fit your own goals, whether that’s building strength, improving cardio fitness, losing weight, becoming more flexible, or ensuring you regularly make time for yourself.

With LeisureSK, you have options to suit you, including the modern facilities at Grantham Meres to the cosy community vibe in Stamford. Our experienced Personal Trainers are here to support you every step of the way, helping you smash your fitness goals.

Fitness Classes

If you are new to fitness, want to try something different or need some assistance to push yourself further than you would do alone, our range of fitness classes will have something for you. Group exercise is a great way to connect with like-minded people who enjoy the same types of exercise, while being encouraged by one of our qualified instructors.

Energise your routine with our range of group fitness classes! Join in the excitement at our studios, pools, and now even online. Whether you’re a full member or prefer to pay-as-you-go, everyone is welcome to sweat it out with us!

Are you interested in joining the LeisureSK community?

Join now and pay just £10 for your first month.

After that, our memberships start from just £17.99 a month with access to:

  • Unlimited gym access
  • Unlimited swim sessions
  • Unlimited group fitness classes
  • Full induction and personal programme
  • Discounts on court bookings

Sign up today and feel great this summer at LeisureSK!

Sign up today and feel great this summer at LeisureSK!

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